5 Tips For Designing A Great Roll Up Banner

Are you planning to promote your business and do thorough marketing to expand your customer base? If the answer is affirmative, then the term “Banners” should be proverbial to you. Although there are myriad forms of marketing today, print media still stand out as the pioneer and perhaps the most effective of all. This article will focus on roll up banners as one of the most effective print marketing medium especially for inside your office, at the doorstep, or at exhibitions.

The most fundamental role of a roll up banner is to help you convey your marketing message to people passing through your business premises or clients visiting your office. If you are thinking of designing a roll up banner, you have to remember that it’s not just about the printing of pictures on standees. A roll up banner will not be useful until it conveys your message to the target audience. Its ability to attract people depends largely on its design. It is, therefore, imperative to be very creative and professional when it comes to designing roll up banners. Below is a rundown of 5 tips for designing a great roll up banners.

  1. Be Careful With Colors

rollA wise choice of color will make your roll up banner stand out. Make sure that the background color blends well with your theme color and the logo. You much also consider the effect of the background color on the visibility of pictures and text. Images must be clear, and the text must be legible. It is advisable to use bright colors like orange or red to grab attention. Colors such as black, yellow, and white should be avoided as they are less attractive, and they will make it hard for people to read your information, especially from a distance. The bottom-line is; choose a color that is attractive and in line with your theme, logo, pictures, and text.


  1. Be Brief but Clear

Very few people, if any, will have the interest or the luxury of time or to read a whole essay on your roll up banner. Brevity and clarity must be observed. Your banner should pass the most important information by just a glance. More information can then be relayed through brochures, strut cards or flyers.

  1. Use Clear Images

If you are going to have product images on your banner, make sure that you use a high-quality picture. The images have to be clear enough to capture the people’s attention. So, you need pictures taken with a high-resolution camera.

  1. Position Everything Properly

rolling-banner-1The most important information should be in a position where it can grab maximum attention. Your logo and the core message have to be at the top. The slogan and the image of the product should also be conspicuously positioned.


  1. Provide Contact Details

201242919312Chances are you will not be in a position to talk to everyone who comes across your roll up banner. However, by providing your contact details, potential customers will pick it up and contact you to get more information or even make orders. Include your contact number, Email address, and website. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter will also provide your potential customers with easier ways to reach you.

In conclusion, it is apparent that roll up banners is an effective print marketing medium. However, for them to serve their purpose, they have to be designed creatively and professionally. The above-discussed tips will help you in designing roll up banners that can bring you business.